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Energy production and utilization is at the heart of modern society. We at G-NOL are striving to minimize human impact on our planet while maintaining our standard of living. Our goal is to develop technologies that can remove noxious molecules such as sulfur and nitrogen from recoverable carbonaceous sources to miniscule level on one hand to fuel production from feedstocks that can naturally recycle CO2 by fixation (renewables). Collectively, our technology portfolio includes catalytic desulfurization of carbonaceous fuels, upgrading gaseous mixture to enhance H2 production and synthesis of low molecular weight alcohols. As we move forward, we are beginning to introduce technologies that will make a difference for the betterment of our society.

What sets us apart from others is our approach to fuel production. Our company President introduced the “Flexible Fuel/Flexible Plant” concept during his 1997 Annual Lecture sponsored by the Energy Conservation Center (ECC), Japan. The concept essentially introduces a series of designer catalysts that are closely related and these can produce different product in the same plant simply by changing process conditions while maintaining high product selectivity. Our technology also allows us to build skid-mounted units to realize “Fuel Production on the Farm”.

We are a technology company and developing new processes is our mission. We are working with the leaders in the renewables arena to introduce these technologies in the commercial sector.

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